Are you a believer?

Know who a believer is
Something happened recently, and a confused sister asked in a shaky voice “I thought everyone in here is a believer? ” I smiled and answered “Not everyone”.

We may have different conversation stories (Saul’s conversation story is not same with Yours), we may have different encounter and experience with Christ, we may differ in our understanding of the Word (bible) which may be as a result of the difference in our ability to hear the Spirit of God explain the Word, we may respond to the prompt of the Holy spirit differently and speak different tongues, Etc But, we can’t speak varying languages as believers of Christ.

Some think unbelievers are those who do not go to the same church with them, who do not share their church doctrines, who do not read, understand and interpret the Bible like Apostle Selman. No, Darling, a real unbeliever is one who speaks a different language than is obtained in Christ (John 3:16). Many people have fallen prey in the hands of unbelieving believers who hide in church and display big bible volumes. This shows that an unbeliever can be that unbelieving Prayer Secretary, Pastor, Deacon,Deaconess, Youth President etc if they do not speak the language FAITH. (Roman 10:9, John 11:25-27).
Without faith, one can’t believe the unfinished work of Christ or, be able to confess Christ as Lord. I just pray for understanding. A believer becomes one only when he be able to receive grace to believe and confess his belief in Christ Jesus… Don’t be deceived by the tongues and interpretation of the word, some unbelievers do these as well. If you are in church and you still don’t have faith in Christ Jesus, you are just one of those who have signed up to become Christians without evidence and Christianity is nothing but a religion.
…for whoever believes (has faith) in him, has eternal life.


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I am a child of God; I am passionate about life, I am a good health advocate, Teen and self-development coach.

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