I have heard counselors, pastors, parents and other people warn the young and single brethren not to allow pressure push them into the wrong marriage. I have heard Anake mom scold her daughter for rushing into marriage with Akunna; a three months relationship with a new colleague, because Ijeoma her childhood friend who was five years younger than her got married. Now, the same man who professed never to leave Anake, has left her with a six month old baby and nowhere to be found. As I listened to mama Anake reprimand her daughter; I felt she advised me too and I got the message. There is no need for the rush after all😔, especially when you are rushing without God’s guidance.

But, Then, I have something else to talk about.
I have watched some old and young single brethren boast in their deficiencies under the beautiful shade of “It is better to marry late, than marry wrongly”. Sister and brother, have you taken sometime to know the cause of the delay? I have come to understand that some delays are not prerequisite but necessary. Necessary in the sense that a sister believing God for a husband still boast about how sharp her tongue is and how she won’t tolerate any nonsense from any man🤨, she thinks the world system is now the way to marriage😫, she thinks submission is an illusion😱, she still has many contradictory opinions as regards God’s opinion on marriage…hmmm😷.

How about you Bro. You secretly admire certain things that oppose God’s will and choice in marriage union, you ain’t even faithful as a single Christian bro🙄; you talk to Ada like she is the one🙃, and you talk to Fumilayo like you are ready to see her family next week😇. What makes you think you would stick to only Ifunanya after marriage? (Amaka, please, don’t pinch me again, may be you haven’tseen some brothers who do godly womanizing; they feel), you don’t even know how to control your temper 🥶 “I am born again but my temper is still undergoing Salvation process,” you tell your offender. What makes you think you won’t beat your wife when she screws the little nut in your head (women are unique🤣). You keep singing “A godly dad and Priestly fatherhood” when apart from the kids you see, you don’t even know anything about them and you haven’t read a single book on that. You want to learn on the job I guess😁. Issorite!

What in essence is she blabbing🗣?

It is not about how long you waited, it is not about waiting and not working, it is not the consolation you give yourself each time you went for a wedding especially the one between young people, “It is not about rushing into it, it is about staying in it” you say.

This now bring me to the point I want to make(this talkativeness of mine is one thing I have to deal with 🤬)

“if you don’t work on yourself while you wait, if you don’t imbibe the characters that keep people in it, if you don’t go after the right knowledge, if you don’t ask questions but sit there all day doing pedicure waiting for Mr. Or Mrs. Right, singing “They that wait upon the Lord… “

Mr. Or Mrs. Right may come but you could eventually ruin what was supposed to be right because you were not right. Eventually, you married at 40 and ended up in the wrong marriage you ran all from all your single days .

Summarily, it is good to avoid pressure but it is better to work on your weakness and it is best you be the right waiting for the right: it is the only way to escape the wrong.


Speaking my observation
May the Lord help us

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I am a child of God; I am passionate about life, I am a good health advocate, Teen and self-development coach.

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