Maximize this Lockdown: 5 ways to begin.

When you are not properly informed, you may become deformed. Covid-19 pandemic, took over the affairs of men and drove them inside the house. Before the prevalence of Covid-19, some persons were confused about the next line of business, action, source of income, political adventure and other likes, this sometime make me believe that even though Covid-19 is a disaster, I still believe it is a blessing in disguise. Now, my question is; will this Covid-19 Lockdown be a blessing in disguise to you or disaster? It is not about rushing back into the house, how about I get a journal and ask you to name few things you have been able to achieve during this Lockdown, do you have tangible response? If you have not done much for yourself, I hope you get tired of sleeping and waking up, I hope you get tired of looking for who will show you love(give you money) , I hope you get tired of exploitation, I hope you get tried of feeding off from others pocket, I hope you get tired of complaining and ditch those acts of laziness you exhibit. Opportunities that reveal the other side of your life you had no idea of, comes just once in a while. When this Lockdown gets over as it will soon be, what are you coming to face the world with? Oh! you think you would go back to your world the way you left it? Common dear! You have to wake up from your slumber and realize that things may not remain the same and if things changed from the usual, what do you have that may sustain you? If you have not done much or never thought of doing anything, please, wake up and start now.

Published by Transit woman

I am a child of God; I am passionate about life, I am a good health advocate, Teen and self-development coach.

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