Bowels of Evil.

The novel “Bowels of Evil” the tale of Beulah, revolves around the scenes of Absentee parenting, child Abuse, superstitious belief, love, Romance, and Friendship. It exposes the Various evil meted out on young girls, adolescent and Adult ladies. It streams down to the superstitious belief which holds many in captivity of expressing and experiencing true love; Beulah became a victim of Osu caste superstitious belief, it almost stole her dreams and aspirations. Even though, she fought through, she may not be able to pour shades of skin colour over the big scar the incident left on her. Amanda was not left out on the train of victimization and Modern day slavery but for hers, she never lived to tell the end.

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I am a child of God; I am passionate about life, I am a good health advocate, Teen and self-development coach.

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