For the Ring πŸ’


If not for the Ring πŸ’

While we tried to enjoy the free gift to the earth, the tenderness of nature and the Love of God, we sat outside my Aunt’s apartment enjoying the ravishing, fresh, tender breeze which romances our free hair and rustles the paper on her worktable, we drifted off to a line of talk I intentionally avoid; The issue of marriage, imagine discussing such with my Aunt, πŸ˜‚ I tried to evade but, she held me down, there was no escape, eventually, I opted for the talk, from dating to marriage and wedding till we got to the ring πŸ’ aspect.

I explained how I love certain rings I had seen. I proceeded to tell her that, I may not be much lucky to wear one because certain churches don’t wed new couple with rings, rather, they use Bible. I was yet speaking when she angrily cut me short,

“Bi… What? What the heck is that? So, I won’t wear wedding ring if I MISTAKENLY agreed to marry one of those men from such churches? So, what is the ESSENCE of marriage if I CAN’T WEAR A RING? Aaah! God knows it would never work!”

She was obviously angry and threw more questions at me like I was one of the founders of those churches of which, my church happens to be one😁.
Well, I may not understand the reason for her anger and that left me perplexed.

Her reaction, intention and interest, made me wonder how people go into marriage with the wrong notion, which explains why most of our 21st century Marriages barely survive.

I may not know much about marriage and the intricacies therein but, I do know some have gone into marriage for some flimsy, irrational and inappropriate reasons such as,

“who will wash my clothes if I don’t marry? (they forgot washing machineπŸ˜€),  If not that I am a Christian, the best is to keep baby mama and avoid wife palaver, I only want to marry that Bro. Because he promises future security, they say the only way a woman gets fully successful is, if she got married irrespective of her other success, if marriage is the way forward, let’s go there, I don’t want to be alone, I won’t want people to ridicule me for being unmarried, If marriage can pay my bills, why not? “

Then, there are still others like my Aunty who wants to marry because of the πŸ’, I am not even left out on this, I remember a time not so far from now, I really got obsessed in the whole drama of carrying my own pretty, little and supple young in my arm, that for me, was the only reason I wanted to marry 🀣🀣.

I am not here to tell you the right reasons you should marry, No! Not at all. I only came to your place to ask you a question instead and please, forgive me for that.

” The reason you married or the reason you want to marry, are they in line with God’s purpose for marriage?”

I sure do not want the answer before I take my leave, take your time and do reconsider, if need be.


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I am a child of God; I am passionate about life, I am a good health advocate, Teen and self-development coach.

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