Drowned in the noise.

undefinedShe just got an apartment; I visited her after few months. She got quite a nice apartment, the space she got on the first floor of a two storey building made more sense. I felt at home, her living room was the block close to a main road around her area. Next morning, she left for work and I was left alone. I had my laptop with me and needed to complete seeing a movie I started before I visited my friend. I tried to understand the movie but the noise from cars, Lorries and other automobiles plying the nearby road was deafening, I closed the windows, yet, I couldn’t still enjoy the movie because the sound was drowned in the noise.

To avoid being bored, I continued seeing the movie even when I couldn’t understand what they were saying; I still had my eyes glued on my laptop screen. Anyone who entered the room would think I enjoyed the movie; noise couldn’t let me.

I sat on the church pew reflecting over that incident, I wondered how much I could have deceived the onlookers to thinking I was glued to God, God’s service and dedicated to God’s call, when in actuality, I was only doing what was best defined as a practical session; no attention, no enthusiasm, just a rotational movement.

Many feel and believe they are seated at the feet of the Master, learning from him, when in real sense, the noise from within and outside them wouldn’t let them hear God’s instruction for a new step, level, mission work, and goal or for self enhancement. Some of us could always be in the church praying or speaking in tongues while at home but, the noise from:
Self interest,
Desire to project self,
Certain relationships,
Both genuine and ostensible praises being lavished on us, etc

Those prevent us from given our complete attention to God’s specific instructions. For every purpose, call, and ministry, God has specific instructions which he desires we pay attention to. What do you think could have happened if Moses didn’t pay rapt attention to GOD’S SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS on the mountain?

A noisy life is an empty life! Specific instructions given to such a person could be best likened to the sound of a needle in a noisy room, how would he hear it?

As much as possible, it is paramount, we learn to subdue both internal and external noise especially when we are on a walk with God.

Transit Woman 2020

Published by Transit woman

I am a child of God; I am passionate about life, I am a good health advocate, Teen and self-development coach.

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