Life lesson

Some time last year, I felt it was time for an upgrade. I began to walk towards acquiring a particular asset. In the area where I was interested, it was difficult to haggle price with those in charge. I thought maybe, if I waited a little more, the price would be in my favour, but, it never happened, instead, it became a scarce commodity.

I had to wait for several months before I could eventually get one. Fortunate thing was, I got it at a choice area, it actually met all my specifications and also very nice. I was exceedingly happy, I earnestly waited and prayed for grace to wait for another two weeks before I could make payments.

The Sunday night before that Monday, it was vigil till morning 🤣.

Prior to that night, I suffered, I fasted and I prayed yet, I would walk around that area every day, for situational report.

Very early on Monday morning, precisely at 6am, I dialled the man’s phone number,
“Bia, this girl, you no dey rest? Anyway, you can now pay” He said and ended the call.

I won’t be able to describe the ecstasy I had. I almost forgot to brush my teeth.

Long story made short, I was able to legally own the asset and most importantly, I was able to secure the area I had dreamt of. But, something that thought me a lesson happened; two weeks after I made payment, rest assured the asset was mine, I felt there was no need to rush over papers works so, I gave him time to run copies of the papers, I never bothered to check on him till after 3weeks.

I was shocked when I noticed an intrusion into my space. I felt maybe it was just someone who wanted to do something there, my heartbeat increased though, but, I managed to walk to the man’s house. Just there and then, I realized I had lost my choice area😭.

Let the afterward feelings, tears, dialogue and conclusion, remain the untold part of my story.

The lesson

When I began to ponder over what happened, I felt as if I heard someone say to me “This is how you pray for Revival, pray for promotion, pray and work hard for a husband, a wife, a child, a job and what have you.

When you eventually got what you laboured so much to get in prayer and hard work, you lose yourself in unnecessary spiritual laziness and rest”.
This made me weep the more.

” Dear friend, what made you think you don’t need as much work and prayer to sustain and uphold:
your marriage
your family
your job
that Revival fire 🔥
that child
that testimony
that breakthrough
that success
Etc, against the battles of the enemy.

What made you think you can’t lose it if you don’t work to sustain It?

Listen Bro., it takes as much as what brought a thing to sustain and uphold it. Shun spiritual laziness and unnecessary rest, when you feel everything is now working in your favour. Much more fire, is required to remain in possession of all those. Remember, the devil hates your comfort.

Transit Woman 2020

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I am a child of God; I am passionate about life, I am a good health advocate, Teen and self-development coach.

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