It is unbelievable but true how people live on pills daily, it is obviously true how people smile and celebrate health while they live on pills, it is unbelievable how people go about telling others to be grateful for not living on drugs but they live on pills themselves. You wonder how and I tell you, so many live on falsehood and lots of LIES pills_

Hilarious huh?  Alright let me explain.  I was a captive to lies and a slave to its master the devil. I lived in fear and bondage of what I believed because I was an eye witness, and the burden was unbearable.

I began to live off on lies pill, I began to believe all things including those which God never told me. Irrespective of the fact that I studied the world each day, what I had gone through held me bond in unbelief and blinded me from the truth.

Now you ask me again, What is a lie? A lie is that which is contrary to God’s promises and purpose for your life and the devil is the founder of all lies and the father of liars. (John 8:44).

  Though so many believers in Christ and other persons recite this ” I know the thoughts I have for you, thought of good and not of evil”, yet some are still held bonds by the devil’s lie because that truth has not been made manifest to them, and they still hold onto many beliefs that are contradictory to God’s word.

I remained captive to lies until I read an article that addressed a similar matter to this article, the only part I still remember is “whenever you want to give in to information that steal your peace of mind, remember to ask “who told me so?” ( Genesis 3:11), Aaaaaaahhh! That alone through the help of Christ brought me deliverance.

Dear friend, the Devil is the father of lies and could manifest itself through even:

Your spouse
Your best friend
Your prayer partner
Your colleagues
Your mentor
Some preachers
Your Doctors
Your parents
This he (the devil) does just to truncate your destiny. He gives these lies to you like a harmless pill and you continue to live on it.

May be you didn’t know that a lie is a truncated truth. Hear it now, *a lie is a truncated truth that truncates God’s mandate over your life.*
Take for instances:
God tells you he shall satisfy you with long life and the devil keep giving you dreams where you died at 30.

God tells you it is his wish above all things that you prosper in good health as your soul prospers and your doctor just confirmed cancer cells growing in your breast.

God tells you that children are your heritage from him and you have just been told that you wouldn’t be able to give birth ever again.

God tells you he is your Shepherd but you are so scared of tomorrow and survival means that you have decided to go back to Egypt.
Oh no dear, that is so dangerous!

The disadvantages of living on the pills of lies and falsehood are: you lose your peace of mind, you live in fear, you live below your potential, you live in doubt and sorrow, you live in bondage, you stop hoping and start depreciating. Etc

Remember, what you believe you are responsible for, how you live is 80% what you believe, your good state of mind is 95% what you hold dear and believe.
*How can you know lies when you don’t know the truth?*
How can you know lies When you don’t know what is written in volumes concerning your life?
How can you know lies when you don’t understand the voice of he (Holy spirit) who has been sent to tell you that truth? (John 16:13)

Let me end the questions by asking few last questions,
How much lies have you absorbed and believed already?
How terrible and pathetic has your life become as a result of living on the truncated truth you have believed?
Listen! It is not over yet because there is good news for you, go back to him who knows the whole truth concerning you. In him there is truth and he is the truth and life. “They shall know the truth and the truth shall set them free”.(John 8:32). Please pack those lie pills and dispose them, they won’t give you life, only truth would.
God bless you.


Published by Transit woman

I am a child of God; I am passionate about life, I am a good health advocate, Teen and self-development coach.

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