What Do You Need.

Handsome Abeyomi was given a blank cheque. His foster mother and sister thought he was going to ask for something reasonable. They kept begging him to state his demand, even the mama was scared he could ask for something she may not afford. It was not long before he muttered something under his breath. The woman didn’t understand until the foster sister explains that he wanted “that thing that they fill in air which doesn’t last long before it bursts”.

Just after the explanation, then he said again “bolobolo” 😂 Hey! Jesus! So this boy cried for days only to request for a balloon that burst the next minute, and he continued his cry from where he stopped.

When I watched that part, it reminds me that I could have been that foolish when God has said “Ask I am listening” then you hear me say “God I need a husband who has 27 packs” 😂. I sure believe at that moment, angels will look at me and shake their heads in surprise.

That’s by the way, but you know, sometimes what I feel I need from God, that same thing that makes me groan in the place of prayer daily, could only be a lone branch which when it dries fades away.

Each time you have opportunity to ask, first ask for sense, then proceed to ask beyond your wants.

#The Train

Published by Transit woman

I am a child of God; I am passionate about life, I am a good health advocate, Teen and self-development coach.

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