Spiritual Plagiarism

And so that was how I sat in my room thinking of something else that matters to me. Truth is, I didn’t know, neither would I be able to tell what sparked off a thought that came into my head at that moment.

I took my phone and began to type. It was barely 45mins, when I got through with the post. How the ideas flowed was an amazing thing, effortlessly, it consistently flowed.
At first, I was reluctant to share the post. I know how the people on my friend list react to most of my posts, “see and pass” barely a comment talk more of suggestions so I was scared of speaking out of context and so, refused to share the post until the next morning.

While I had my devotion that morning, two more ideas pooped into my head, I paused to include them in the existing eleven before I could lose them. Yet, I was still not convinced to share, I kept reading through for what could raise questions I may not be able to answer and trying to join some missing links and hoping to see the reason I should share the post “Dear Teenager”.

I eventually shared it on my page, on my timeline and on few other platforms. That was really unlike me, I did it with closed eyes and a hanging breathe. When all the post submitted, I refused to check their status, I went about my daily business until the notification became much and to my greatest surprise, God had spoken to so many young people.

Putting up the post was less strenuous but it engaged more people unlike some of my previous posts. I couldn’t but pause to ponder how an unplanned and a few minutes post could attract so much recommendations and commendations.

How come it spread like a wildfire and seem to have blessed more lives than most of my previous post? It was because the Holy Spirit authored it in my mind and he also took the message to the people it was meant for, therefore, so many young people contacted and others personally prayed for me because I was the physical author. When I read through one of the mails, I grinned from ear to ear, and I gave a response. I felt like someone asked me, “do you know what spiritual plagiarism is?” I was quiet for some time and that was it! I understood what that prompt meant, I had plagiarized.

Now I ask you,
“Do you know what plagiarism is?” I am a librarian and should and able to tell you a little about plagiarism; it is an academic misconduct among which is also found examination malpractice, fabrication of original report, colluding purchasing of essays etc

It therefore is the duplication of intellectual work or ideas without the corresponding acknowledgement of the original creator of the work (Bretag, 2013; Park, 2003)
Do you ever feel impressed when you notice someone took your intellectual content, removed the disclaimer and acclaimed it to be his? Well you may not have experienced it but, it is so painful seeing people credit someone who stole from you while none acknowledges you for the hard work.

So, that was how the commendation began to overflow its banks and flowed like a free flow of fountain from the mountain top. It was so overwhelming and unbelievable not because of the likes and comments, there were not much, but for the impart it made on few young people, the confession and repentance.

That was how I forgot I was just a medium through which Christ ministered to certain people and Boom! Delight got carried away. I got so engrossed in receiving the commendation.
Now follow me
As the recommendation began to roll in; first day, second day and the third day, SMS, mails, calls and numerous other chats.

The daughter of man got carried away. The flesh part of me rose its head, then the response changed to “thank you” “thank you for reading” I am glad you love the write-up” “I am glad you are blessed” “thank you dear” I barely had time to say “amen” to their prayers and kind wishes, let alone acknowledge the original author; the one who relayed the message for his people. I was sincerely overjoyed to even notice how far I had relegated the original author to the background and robbed him of the credits, I took them unconsciously.
Understand this, like I mentioned before, the likes and comments are far below what Mrs. Chinaza Favour gets on a simple post or what Angela Nwosu gets during a cash or blue eyes giveaway (funny but true), so the likes and comments were not the reason for the joy. I was only overjoyed because the message the lord sent was able to get to most of the people he authored it for.

This was evident through the people who made a personal contact to bless God for using me.
Most times, in the journey of destiny and becoming, we keep praying and asking for a voice to minister the message of the lord “oh lord! Send me or I won’t go, oh lord, give me the message or I won’t speak. You are the way the, message and the destination. Please lord, give me a voice” we pray daily; morning, afternoon and night, resisting anything that will make us die as echo and pleading to be used.

That was how the lord sent some, and gave them a voice. He decided to make them a medium through which He speaks to certain set of people. Then we begin to rob Him of His glory the very moment God began to reveal Himself, reveal the truth through us to some who are yet to understand, and we sometimes unconsciously or consciously take the glory of God; who revealed what should point the people to Him or what changed people through you.
Spiritual plagiarism is a serious matter as it is in real life. Spiritual plagiarism begins from our mind.

The very moment you feel that the appreciation you gain from doing what God helped you do was deserving, the very moment you project yourself instead of God, the very moment you begin to feel self sufficient, the very moment you feel you got it by your intelligence and smartness, the very moment you feel you are still living because you live smarter than the dead, the very moment you allow pride creep in like an innocent child and you begin to feel it was by your power, (chuckles) you are on the path to spiritual plagiarism.
“Then I will say to myself”… (Luke 12:19-20), you know the rest of the story.

It is not of him that wills or him that runs but of God that shows mercy (Romans 9:16)

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I am a child of God; I am passionate about life, I am a good health advocate, Teen and self-development coach.

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