Moringa Leaf or Tree; Miracle Worker.

(Flat tummy and Ulcer Treatment)

There are so much moringa leave could do and two of such miracles we intend to discuss.

For Flat Tummy

You will need fresh mornings leaves

Boil some fresh moringa leaves in a clean pot or kettle containing two cups of clean water. When it is cool, refrigerate and drink a cup of the solution daily for effective result.

Option B to the use of moringa tea is the use of peppermint leaf.

You will need

-peppermint leaves


Cut cucumber, ginger, lime & add peppermint leaves, leave the concoction overnight and take it the solution the next day. You can take it as much as you take water for effective result.

N.B always consume fresh fruits, avoid too much salt and avoid late-night meals.

Moringa leaf is used in the treatments for Ulcer. Some ulcer patients are restricted from taking acidic consumables. They can use moringa tea for ulcer treatment. Prepare the tea as recommended above.

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