This leaf can boost fertility

What is fertility? Fertility is about the ability to get pregnant. More than 8 out of 10 couples where the woman is aged under 40 will get pregnant within one year if they have regular unprotected sex. More than 9 out of 10 couples will get pregnant within 2 years. Fertility is the quality of being able to produce children. As a measure, the fertility rate is the average number of children that a woman has in her lifetime and is quantified demographically.
How can you increase your odds of getting pregnant? Give your fertility a nudge with these conception-boosting leaf; Utazi. Research has shown that Gongronema latifolium, commonly called ‘utazi’ and ‘arokeke’ in the South Western and South South-Eastern of Nigeria, is a tropical rainforest plant primarily used as spice and vegetable in traditional folk medicine. Reports by various authors showed that it contains essential oils, saponins and pregnanes among others
The botanical name: Gangronema latifolium
Family name: Asclepiadaceae
If you want to boost your ability to conceive, eat some utazi leaves every day
⏺It can be chewed raw
⏺You can cook it
⏺Utazi leaves can be used as a stimulating tonic for the digestive system.
⏺The leaves can also stimulate the flow of bile as well as boost appetite for food.
⏺Utazi regulates the activities of the pancreas and can control blood sugar.
⏺Utazi leaves can be used as a home remedy for loss of appetite, dyspepsia, colic, stomachache, constipation, dysentery and intestinal worms.

⏺The leaves can also be used to cleanse the womb and treat abdominal pain after childbirth
⏺Utazi leaves have been shown to have hepatoprotective action and can be used to prevent liver damage associated with alcoholism and viral hepatitis.
⏺It can be used in combination with Momordica charantia (balsam pear) and Ocimum gratissimum (fever plant) to treat hepatitis by cleansing and rebuilding the liver.
⏺Women with infertility problems should boil the leaves of Utazi with a little lemon juice and honey and drink a glass every day during their days. A recent scientific study showed that using utazi leaves in nutrition helped to increase the effectiveness of reproductive hormones and help to raise low sperm count.



Hormones are chemicals that are produced by glands in the endocrine system. Hormones travel through the bloodstream to the tissues and organs, delivering messages that tell the organs what to do and when to do it. Hormonal imbalances occur when there is too much or too little of a hormone in the bloodstream. Because of their essential role in the body, even small hormonal imbalances can cause side effects throughout the body. How to prepare hormonal imbalance drink. If you are suffering from this, you may follow the steps below:

Here are few ingredients you may need for the concoction:
🎲Peels of pineapple from the whole pineapple
🎲 1 big ginger
🎲1 big lemon
🎲1 cabbage

Follow the preparation procedure carefully

After chopping the ingredients wash them clean, and boil all together for 20 minutes.

When you are done get a 2 litres keg, sieve it inside and keep.
Drink first thing in the morning and night for 3 days.

What does this drink do?

1.It helps flushes out toxins in your body.
2.Regulate your period

Avoids these foods during the early stage of pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the amazing gift of nature and should be taken care of as gold, pregnant women should be extra careful about what they consume during pregnancy. Here are some foods you should avoid like the plague especially in early pregnancy.

Women should avoid sipping on pineapple juice. The fruit could lead to contractions, which could lead to a miscarriage. Pineapple can also cause diarrhoea or allergy. It contains bromelain which can soften the uterus and produce aborticide. After the first three months, pregnant women can indulge a little bit.

❌Refined Meat:
Almost all kinds of refined meats, including stuffed foods, sausages etc, should not be consumed by pregnant women. The meat might contain artificial flavouring and colour, thereby affecting the baby. Also, processed meat is stored for quite a long time in supermarkets, increasing the risk of a miscarriage.

Papaya is deemed harmful for pregnant women, especially the green papaya variety. Unripe papaya is packed with enzymes that can trigger uterine contractions, leading to a miscarriage. Pregnant women should abstain from green papaya as it increases the miscarriage risk threefold.

❌ Green Tea and Caffeine:
A mug of green tea comprises 200gm of caffeine – therein lies the bitter truth. It seeps into the milk and can affect the baby. Coffee should also be part of the ‘foods-not-to-eat-during-pregnancy’ list.

❌Feral Apples:
Feral apples have a sour, bitter and sweet taste. This is a reasonable reason why pregnant women like to munch on them. However, they are not good for you. They have the potential to ‘excite’ the uterus, leading to uterine contractions that cause premature birth and miscarriage.

❌Processed Meat:
Almost all kinds of processed meats, including stuffed foods, sausages etc, should not be consumed by pregnant women. The meat might contain artificial flavouring and colour, thereby affecting the baby. Also, processed meat is stored for quite a long time in supermarkets, increasing the risk of a miscarriage.

Crab are loaded with nutrients, but they lead to a shrinking of the uterus. This could snowball into genital bleeding or miscarriage. Crabs have a high amount of cholesterol. Therefore, pregnant women suffering from high blood pressure or pre-eclampsia should avoid it.

Moringa Leaf or Tree; Miracle Worker.

(Flat tummy and Ulcer Treatment)

There are so much moringa leave could do and two of such miracles we intend to discuss.

For Flat Tummy

You will need fresh mornings leaves

Boil some fresh moringa leaves in a clean pot or kettle containing two cups of clean water. When it is cool, refrigerate and drink a cup of the solution daily for effective result.

Option B to the use of moringa tea is the use of peppermint leaf.

You will need

-peppermint leaves


Cut cucumber, ginger, lime & add peppermint leaves, leave the concoction overnight and take it the solution the next day. You can take it as much as you take water for effective result.

N.B always consume fresh fruits, avoid too much salt and avoid late-night meals.

Moringa leaf is used in the treatments for Ulcer. Some ulcer patients are restricted from taking acidic consumables. They can use moringa tea for ulcer treatment. Prepare the tea as recommended above.

Nutritional values of bay leaves 🍂


A good cook knows the secret to a rich and delicious soup or stew: bay leaf. The aromatic olive-green herb is credited with giving dishes a subtle intensity and depth that makes a meal memorable. Not only do bay leaves taste good, but they are also good for you.But bay leaves aren’t just used in food and fairytales, the herb is commonly used as a fragrance ingredient in creams, lotions, perfumes, soaps, and detergents. It’s burnt as incense to detoxify homes.

Bay leaves, native to the Mediterranean, are not only used to flavor many foods around the world, especially Nigerian Party Jellof Rice but also possess many medicinal powers and can aid with digestion, diabetes, respiratory problems, and muscular pain relief .

Bay leaf has properties that are detoxifying and that can slow aging. The herb fights bacterial infections and improves everything from respiratory issues to heart health. It is a powerful herb from which everyone can benefit..
Believed to symbolize peace, protection, and wisdom by ancient Greeks and Romans, bay leafs are used by many to protect their homes and set personal intentions.
Place a bay leaf in each corner of your home or write your wish on a bay leaf and burn it to manifest that which you desire.


They are rich in vitamin C. 100 gram of bay leaves provides 46,5 mg of vitamin C. Bay leaves are the source of vitamin A.
Bay leave contain folic acid.Bay leaves are rich. in mineral, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, mangan, zinc, iron, selenium and copper. Potassium is an important component of our cells and body liquid to control our heart beat and blood pressure. Meanwhile, mangan and copper are used for co enzyme factor.



Bay leaves are good for reducing our weight.

Wash 20-30 pieces of bay leaves with 4 glass of water .

Squeeze out the juice and share into 4 glasses. Let them cool down.
Drink them twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, 1 glass for each time.


Prepare 7-10 pieces of fresh bay leaves with 3 glasses of water until they remain 1 glass.
After it is cold, strain it and drink the potion twice a day, 1 glass for each time.


For ulcer patients, bay leaves are good medicine.
Wash 15-20 of fresh bay leaves. Boil with 1/2 liter of water for 15 minutes. Add sufficient palm sugar. After it is cold, drink the water as herbal tea. Do this until the pain is gone.


Bay leaves id proven effective to heal diabetes type 2 to level down blood glucose, cholesterol and trigliserida. To get the most maximum result, diabates type 2 patients are suggested to consume bay leaves powder for 30 days. The antioxidant in bay leaves helps our body to produce insulin efficiently. Therefore, they are good for diabetes patients and people who experience insulin resistance.

Either we can boil 7-15 pieces of bay leaves with 3 glasses of water until they remain 1 glass. Strain and wait until it is cold. Drink it at once before meal time. Practice this method twice a day so that the benefit of bay leaves can be absorbed by our body fast.

Improving Our Heart Performance.
The strong substances in bay leaves such as rutin, salicylate, caffeic acid, and fitonutrient can increase our heart performance and prevent us from stroke. Flavanoid helps to normalize blood in hypertension patients.

Boil 10 pieces of bay leaves in 3 glasses of water. Drink while it is still warm once a day.


Extracted oil from bay leaves contains anti inflammation that relieves the pain because of strain, sprain, arthritis, and rheumatism.
Bay leaves oil helps relieving migrain and headache. Bay leaves are beneficial for increasing blood circulation. In the case of pain in our joints, bay leaves that are tightened in pain area will relieve the pain and inflammation.


Bay leaves contain caffeic acid, quercetin, euganol and catechin that protect and prevent us from various kind of cancers. Bay leaves also contain phytonutrient that is called parthenolide and is proven effective to keep the excessive development of cervical cancer cells.


Bay leaves are effective to combat flu symptoms and infection. In solving respiratory problem, boil 2-3 pieces of bay leaves. Let it vapor for 10 minutes. Soak cloth in this water and put it on the chest to relieve flu, sneezing and coughing.


Bay leaves are natural insect repellent as they contain laurat acid. Applying extracted bay leaves oil will reduce insects bites and stings.


Kidney infection and kidney stone can be resolved by boiling 5 gr of bay leaves in 200 ml – 50 ml of water. Strain it and drink it twice a day to stop kidney stone formation.


The content of purin in our body causes uric acid. Bay leaves are good for healing uric acid. Wash and boil 10 pieces of bay leaves with 10 glasses of water until they remain 5 glasses. Drink this twice a day.


Inserting bay leaves in our food can help to maintain the digestive system healthy. The vitamins and minerals in bay leaves facilitate the digestive system and solve digestive problems, such as diarrhoea and constipation.


Another benefit of bay leaves is healing hypertension. Drinking bay leaves boiled water routinely makes our blood runs smoothly and reduce the risk of high blood pressure.
Mixing bay leaves with andrographis leaves is good idea to have the best result.


Bay leaves boiled water can be used to heal eyes irritation and keep them healthy. We simply apply bay leaves boiled water to our irritated eyes routinely until they get better.


Cholesterol is good for our body. However, excessive cholesterol bring us to meet bad effect. For discarding bad cholesterol, bay leaves are the best medicine.
Prepare 10-15 pieces of bay leaves. Wash them and boil with 3 glasses of water until they become 1 glass of water. After it is cold, strain it amd drink it at once routinely at night.


Mix either fresh and dried bay leaves in our cooking, such as meat, fish, rice or vegetables to make our cooking smell good.
The natural substances in bay leaves are beneficial for keeping our healthy and increase our body immunity.


Bay leaves are beneficial for keeping our teeth healthy and white. Dry fresh bay leaves and orange skin. Mash them and mix them with water until they become a toothpaste. Those potion can be used for whitening our teeth.


Prepare 15 pieces of bay leaves. Boil them in 2 glasses of water. Add a little bit of salt and wait until it is cold. Drink it at once until the diarrhoea is gone.

Bay leaves also share benefits for our beauty of our hair and skin.

Benefits of Bay Leaves for Our Hair and Skin:

Avoiding Hair Loss. After rinse our haor with shampoo, cleaning our hair with bay leaves soaked water is effective for cleaning dandruff.
They are also useful for hair loss. Moreover, bay leaves are effectively used for tonic.
Eradicating Lice.
For eradicating lice, boil 50 gr of bay leaves with 400 ml water until 100 ml of water. Strain it and apply it in our hair root. Let it for 3-4 hours before cleaning.

Relieving Stress in Our Skin. Bay leaves are good for reducing stress skin so that they prevent if from wrinkles. Boil 5 bay leaves with 2 glasses of water in a closed pot.
Then open the pot, let it open for 2 minutes. Pour the water into a big bowl. Cover our head with towel before healing the vapor.

How To Use Bay Leaves
Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from cooking with this herb to get these benefits, just make sure you remove the leaves before serving, as they can be a chocking hazard.

However, if you’re feeling stressed or you’re a bad mood, simply burn a leaf or two in an aluminum baking tray in your room or office and leave for ten minutes. Make sure you close the windows (a breeze could knock it over), keep the tray away from anything flammable (like paper, wood, or linens) and make sure you’re not burning it under a smoke detector.

When you come back inside, the smoke of the herb will make your mind and muscles feel more relaxed and you’ll find it easier to focus on your task at hand. When you’re done, dispose of the ashes outside.

Despite the benefits they bring, bay leaves have side effects that we should be aware of.

Side Effects of Bay Leaves

Bay leaves contain substances that are hard to digest. As a result, we are suffer from constipation problem. This is because our digestive system perform slowly.
The side effect usually happens to people who consume bay leaves as their intense and massive medication. For example, high blood pressure patients. To overcome the problem, we can mix bay leaves with extracted grass jelly leaves. Drinking them together, our blood pressure levels down and the constipation effect can be avoided.
However, if we put bay leaves in our food, we will not suffer from constipation. For one portion of vegetable, use only 1-2 pieces of bay leaves that are used for strengthening the food aroma.

Respiratory Effect.
The substance in bay leaves are found to give bad effect to asthma patients. Therefore, the experts suggest not to consume too much bay leaves. If we want to use bay leaves to overcome our certain health problem, yet in the same time we are suffer from asthma, we are suggested to consult herbal experts or doctor.

Expectant Mothers and Breastfeeding Mothers.
Even though the side effect of bay leaves for expectant mothers have not yet been proven, the medical experts strongly advised expectant mothers and breastfeeding mothers not to consume bay leaves because of the allergic factors they contain.

Bay leaves are believed to harm the fetus. Besides, they can also decrease the water milk quality so that they will bring negative effect to the baby, especially if the mother suffers from certain allergy.

Bay leaves are indeed bring marvelous benefits for our health.
However, we may not ignore the side effect after consuming them.
If we have to consume them routinely, we have to make sure not to consume them a lot and in a high intensity.

Besides, when we use bay leaves for medication, we have to make sure them based on the procedure to avoid side effects.

Eating banana and honey.

Recently heard people say that honey and banana could be enjoyed together, at first it was awkward to me until I decide to try it out on Saturday. It did turn out to be a delicious dessert and so yummy. I have researched on the benefits of consuming such and it was really overwhelming.

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